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After deep research into distributed systems, mega global stream shifted from a focus on cultural aesthetics to creating the most scalable, decentralized company in the world. This ambition's sparked mega global stream's metamorphosis into world-shaping entity, mega.

In its early stages, mega's development was fueled by partnerships with art and technology institutions. A project, spearheaded by Amir Gamble for the Nervos blockchain at NFT NYC, resulted in mega creating one of the first multimedia projects minted on the CKB network. Later in the same year, mega collaborated with Rhizome and The New Museum on an interactive multimedia exhibition that innovatively addressed the mental health of black artists using technology, performance art, and narrative medicine.


  1. Performance Art
    Liz Mputu
  2. Art Direction
    Moustafa Hassan
  3. Consultant
    Amir Gamble
  4. Curator
    Michael J. Connor
  5. 3D
    Tri Tran
  6. 3D
    Bucket Boi
  7. 3D
    Andrew Strasser
  8. Studio
    Nexus LLC


  • Notion
  • Adobe CS
  • Figma
  • Actor Core 3D
  • VideoAsk
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Decentralization and Black Mimetics

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