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Developed during the early stages of quarantine, the studio published its manifesto "Quantum Architecture: The Future of Black Design." A revolutionary work that proposed a groundbreaking approach to architecture, unrestricted by material constraints, limitless in its potential. The literature was published in architectural magazine PIN UP.  The manifesto was packaged with a visual (“Black Architects Prayer”) featuring found media clips from Sade, Hype Williams and Christopher Nolan.

Later that year, the first project to emerge from Quantum Architecture's framework was megaglobalstream: a streaming label for music, video, graphics, eSports, and merch. The concept drew heavily on Italian Futurist theory on soundwaves, the aesthetics of Sega Dreamcast’s cult classic Jet Grind Radio, and the hyper local culture of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. mgs became a design imprint that centered sound, culture and gaming UI.


  1. Illustrator
    Dan Holland
  2. 3D
    Tom Hancocks
  3. 3D
    Andrew Strasser
  4. Typography
    Doménico Barreto
  5. Art Director
    Ben Ganz
  6. Artist
  7. Artist
    David Ashley
  8. Artist
    Montana Ruggavelli
  9. Artist
    Matthew Dempster (063N13)
  10. Photographer
    Tiffany Ketant


  • Notion
  • Adobe CS
  • Figma
  • Blender
  • DALL·E (v1)
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World Building Systems

The Post Architecture Era

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